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Essay about North by Northwest, by Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock’s film North by Northwest (1959) is famed as a classic man-on-the-run thriller, following protagonist Roger Thornhill as he flees across state lines in a mad dash to save his life and unravel the mystery to his extraordinary predicament. However, mid-way through the film Thornhill’s quandary is further complicated by the introduction of Eve Kendall, a beautiful yet mysterious woman he encounters on a train during his escape from the authorities and people trying to kill him. During the dining room scene on the train, Hitchcock expertly uses the camera to convey the characters thoughts and feelings. Interestingly, in a film that has several sequences with complicated cinematography and editing, the dining car scene is†¦show more content†¦Once the flirtations between the two in intensify, Hitchcock transitions into using close shots, beginning when Eve discloses her bribe arranging Thornhill being seated with her, and her subsequent reveal that she knows Thornhill wanted for murder. The use of the close shot provides a better, more intimate view of their expressions as they banter back and forth and the sexual innuendos ramp up. Thornhill’s thoughts are particularly evident across his face as he changes from showing interest in the attractive woman across from him, to tension at being recognized by her, to unabashed glee at the prospect of sleeping with same said beautiful woman, and finally to alarm as he learns police are boarding the train. In contrast to Thornhill’s expressive looks, Hitchcock shows Eve’s as being more controlled and understated. Throughout her linguistic dance with Thornhill, Eve manages to maintain an air of surety about herself, revealing only those pieces of information that she wants him to know. She manages to exude a sense of cool certainty and control during arguably the most sexually suggestive moment of the film: in the only profile shot of the scene, the camera shows Eve as she slowly blows out the flame on the match Thornhill uses to light her cigarette, clasping his hand as she does so. This aura of calm calculation gives the sense that she is in complete control, no doubt dueShow MoreRelatedComparative Analysis Of Vertigo, North By Northwest And Notorious By Alfred Hitchcock1348 Words   |  6 PagesComparative Analysis of Vertigo, North by Northwest and Notorious by Alfred Hitchcock The British master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, made the cinematographic history by the unique auteur approach. His own vision of the story, uncommon manner of shooting, and challenging ideas formed his style and made him recognizable. The genius of the 50’s and 60’s, he provided the rich legacy for the future generations and set the pace for the directors all over the world. This paper is going to trace theRead MoreAlfred Hitchcock s Psychological Pressure, Mystery, And Wit1430 Words   |  6 PagesAlfred Hitchcock is known as one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema. Hitchcock directed over fifty films, many of which remain popular to this day, including his stunning works Vertigo, North by Northwest, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and Psycho. Hitchcock’s use of suspense, psychological pressure, mystery, and wit intrigued the audiences of his day as well as audiences of the 21st century. These elements of Hitchcock’s films have also inspired the genre of horror films that many knowRead MoreThe Influences Of Alfred Hitchcock On Wes Craven2961 Words   |  12 PagesNicholas Storm Kimberly Neuendorf COM 320 History of Film October 15, 2015 The Influences of Alfred Hitchcock on Wes Craven By Nicholas Storm The Horror Genre?s contemporaries today include Eli Roth, John Carpenter, George Romero and Clive Barker to name a few but the most notable above them all, with more contributions out of any other director was Wes Craven. With a plethora of films he has created, Craven is most known for 3 in particular for helping redefine the horror genreRead MoreComparing The Casino Royale Book And Movie Comparison1162 Words   |  5 PagesEmpire). Another film in which we can observe the main stages of the development of spy genre is â€Å"North by Northwest† filmed by Alfred Hitchcock. North by Northwest deals with espionage, controlling mothers and duplicitous lovers, all strong narrative motifs of the Hitchcock oeuvre as a whole. This film was, probably, the first work shot in spy genre with the outright comedy. In the â€Å"North by Northwest† the director in amazing way managed to combine the emotional tension of the audience from the filmRead More Film Autuerism Essay1302 Words   |  6 Pagesby a certain director. In auteur films, the director is many times what brings an audience to the theater, instead of the actors or storyline. I am going to take a look at three of the most noted auteurs: Frederico Fellini, Satyajit Ray, and Alfred Hitchcock. I watched five of Frederico Fellini’s films: La Dolce Vita, 8-1/2, Juliet of the Spirits, La Strada, and City of Women. In all of these films, I noticed Fellini’s enormous use of imagery, which of course he is most noted for. However, IRead MoreAlfred Hitchcock s True Sense Essay1625 Words   |  7 Pagescertain familiarity yet suspense while watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie. In true sense – Alfred Hitchcock was an Auteur. Alfred Hitchcock was a film director and producer, who at times was also referred to as The Master of Suspense. He pioneered many elements of the suspense and psychological thriller genres. He had a successful career in British cinema with both silent films and early talkies and became renowned as England s best director. Hitchcock moved to Hollywood in 1939 and became a US citizenRead More Hitchcocks North By Northwest: The Birth of the Modern Action Film1742 Words   |  7 Pagesall directed their first films, thus establishing the Frenc h New Wave. In Italy, Fellini created the elegant La Dolce Vita, and Antonioni gave us L’avventura. Most importantly, though, in America, famed British director Alfred Hitchcock gave us the classic thriller North by Northwest, the father of the modern action film. Throughout the history of filmmaking, many different genres have thrived such as the romantic comedy, giving us such classics as Bringing up Baby and His Girl Friday. The war filmRead MoreAlfred Hitchcock Comparison Paper1511 Words   |  7 Pagespaper, I have decided to compare two Hitchcock films. Ever since I can remember, I have seen Alfred Hitchcock films; Psycho, The Birds, North by Northwest, I enjoy his work because I like the suspense, and visual effects that he was able to accomplish. Out of all of his films, I believe that my favorite Hitchcock films would have to be Rear Window (1954) and Vertigo (1958), because I think that the two incorporate everything that is â€Å"Alfred Hitchcock†. Hitchcock films are known for being mysteriousRead MoreRole of Violence in the History of Cinema987 Words   |  4 PagesViolence plays a major role in the history of cinema. Both Alfred Hitchcock and Quentin Tarantino have produced a litany of films that have imagery or plots t hat include violent acts. However, their different directorial visions and styles make it so that Hitchcock and Tarantino films are nothing alike. This is because Hitchcocks objective was to make the audience feel afraid, tense, and anxious for the protagonist, whereas Tarantinos objective is to illustrate the absurdity of violence by elevatingRead MoreReflection Of Casablanca1282 Words   |  6 Pagesway I look at films in general has developed. A reflection on two of the films from this term, Casablanca (Curtiz, 1942) and North by Northwest (Hitchcock, 1959) will carry the bulk of the essay. Though, I will also be discussing how this class changed the way I saw a movie just a few weeks ago. Casablanca’s script and acting are of particular caliber, and North by Northwest unfortunately does not deliver with the dialogue and casting of lead actor Cary Grant. Though, overall, they both have merit

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Donatello Art - 840 Words

Short Biography profile and facts about the life of the Sculptor Donatello The following biography information provides basic facts and information about the life and history of Donatello a famous Medieval character of the Middle Ages: Nationality: Italian Also Known as : Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi Lifespan: 1386 - 1466 Date of Birth: He was born in 1386, the exact date of birth is unknown Family connections : He was the son of Nicolo di Betto Bardi, a wool merchant in Florence Career: Donatello was apprentice to Ghiberti in Florence One of his patrons was Cosimo de Medici. Date of Death: Donatello died on December 13, 1466 Accomplishments or why Donatello was famous: Italian sculptor of the early Renaissance period. The†¦show more content†¦During that period he carved several prophets for the Florentine Campanile, including the Zuccone (Baldhead), a vibrant characterization. In 1430-32, he went to Rome with Brunelleschi and became one of the first Renaissance artists interested in ancient monuments. Reflections of classical putti (male infants) can be found in his rendering of the lively cherubs in the Singing Gallery (1433-38, cathedral mus.) and in the pulpit at Prato. Classical influence is also evident in his bronze David (c.1432, Bargello), one of the earliest freestanding nude figures of the Renaissance. In demand throughout Italy, Donatello was invited to Padua in 1443, where he stayed for 10 years as the head of an enormous workshop. He designed the equestrian statue of Gattamelata (1447-53) and the high altar for Sant Antonio (1446-50). Upon his return to Florence, he carved the acut ely expressive Magdalen (c.1460?, baptistery), which was greatly damaged by the flood of 1966. In his last years he worked on the pulpits of San Lorenzo, creating a magnificent series of reliefs. He was one of the most influential painters and sculptors of his time. Most of his works have remained in Florence, but a good representation can be seen in Londons Victoria and Albert Museum. Two examples of his work can be found in American collections, an unfinished David (National Gall. of Art, Washington, D.C.) and the Shaw Madonna (BostonShow MoreRelated Donatellos David Essay1427 Words   |  6 PagesDonatellos David Donatello was one of the most important and influential artists of the fifteenth century. As a master artist, he sculpted some of the most beautiful pieces of the Italian Renaissance. His innovations impacted many artists of his time, and set the standard for centuries of sculptors to follow. Donatello’s style is clearly defined and easily recognized in nearly all of his pieces. An exception is the bronze, David, dated 1425-1430. David strays from the traditional style ofRead MoreRenaissance vs Baroque1497 Words   |  6 Pagesstudy, and searched for realism and human emotion in art   Florentine painters led byMasaccio  strove to portray the human form realistically, developing techniques to render  perspective  and light more naturally Renaissance could be viewed as an attempt by intellectuals to study and improve the  secular  and worldly, both through the revival of ideas from antiquity, and through novel approaches to thought. During the Renaissance, money and art went hand in hand. Artists depended totally on patronsRead MoreArt And Its Impact On Art Essay1023 Words   |  5 Pagestime is spent studying the various arts. Art is often viewed by the people of our world as â€Å"a waste of time† or â€Å"pointless†, as it does not have any constructive application in most of their lives needs. But art is the exact opposite. It allows us to expand our minds and learn more about ourselves and the world around us. People express their creative skills and imagination through art, and others appreciate their artwork for its beauty or emotional power. Art defines what it means to be humanRead MoreJohannes Gutenberg and Donatello:Two Important Figures of the Ranaissance643 Words   |  3 Pagesliterature and music. Two figures that impacted this period in numerous ways were Johannes Gutenberg and Donatello. Donatello was an early renaissance Italian sculptor who lived in florence. Johannes Gutenberg was a printer and publisher who introduced printing to Europe. These two figures had effects on Science/Technology, effects on art, and effects on culture/society. Donatello and Johannes Gutenberg are two figures with opposing views that profoundly challenged and shaped politicalRead MoreThe Radical Change During The Renaissance Of A Young Boy With Unconvincing Looks As A Hero1566 Words   |  7 Pagesnotorious work of art? With one glance at the statue, would you believe that this young man could have slain a giant? The story of David and Goliath was very prevalent at the time, and during this period in history, it was commissioned by Cosimo de’ Medici to represent the city of Florence. Florence wanted to show this representation of David through his strength, courage, and youthful confidence in its city. So, dating back to the 1440s, David was a prominent aspect of Renaissance art. The radical changeRead More Donatello Essay example1380 Words   |  6 PagesDonatello Donatello’s real name is Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi (1386-1466). Donatello was a master of sculpture in bronze and marble and was one of the greatest Italian Renaissance artists of his time. A lot is known about his life and career but little is known about his character and personality. He never married and seems to be a man of simple tastes. Patrons often found him hard to deal with and he demanded a lot of artistic freedom. The inscriptions and signatures on his works areRead MoreThe Second Set of Doors at the Baptistery1277 Words   |  6 Pagesguild decided to erect a second set of bronze doors showing scenes from the Old Testament. As with most large commissions at that time, a competition was held to find the artist who could create exactly what the guild was looking for in this work of art. Seven of the best sculptors in Tuscany were given one year to complete a panel showing the Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac. However, the real competition was betw een Filippo Brunelleschi, the future architect of the Cathedral’s dome, and Lorenzo GhibertiRead MoreComparsion of Three Renaissance Paintings and Sculptures Essay1210 Words   |  5 Pagesare of the same subject, but are portrayed completely differently by two different artists. â€Å" Whereas Brunelleschi’s piece demonstrates an artist aching to forge a new and more powerful vision of reality, Ghiberti demonstrates masterful perfection of art, as remarkable in its own way for the tie and place and age of the artist as is the work of his rival† [Walker 23]. The judges had a hard time choosing between these two artists and in the end they choose they were both amazing pieces and consideredRead More Tolstoys Philosophy of Art Essay533 Words   |  3 PagesTolstoys Philosophy of Art Tolstoy approaches art with a very specific and narrow view of what is real and what is counterfeit in classifying artwork and what makes a work of art good or bad. Tolstoy believes that a work of art can be classified as real if and only if one man consciously by means of certain external signs, hands on to others feelings he has lived through, and that others are infected by these feelings and also experience them (10). He believes that art can only be definedRead MoreThe Renaissance Era1529 Words   |  6 PagesRenaissance Era took place for a time period that lasted for approximately 150 years and during that time significant changes took place. These changes were with the Arts, Literature, Fashion, and ideals. â€Å"The entire age can be subdivided into three phases: from 1350 to 1400 during which discovery of ancient texts and experimentation with new art forms took place; 1400 to 1500 typified by political stability in the Italian city-states and the creation of recognizable cultural; and 1500 to 1550 dominated

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My Personal Strengths And Weaknesses - 916 Words

When I think of my personal strengths and weaknesses in school, finding the time to study, always seems to fall on the weaker side. I find myself knowing when I can study and focus the best but rarely following through with studying during those times. My major strength has always been my motivation once I begin. I can sit down to do a project with the intention of finishing it within that single sitting. I become extremely focused and efficient to complete the project or finish the goal I have set for myself. The problem is that I don’t often sit down in a quiet environment to focus on the work needing done. For example, I will sit down to do chemistry homework late at night because I procrastinate it all day; instead of getting up before my morning class and doing it when I am more alert and better able to focus. The time management project opened my eyes to all the improvements that I can make to how I can better manage my time. My personal study habits consisted of sitting down at my dining room table with my laptop. I normally try to write all of my notes down on paper and go back through to highlight important information. When I am sitting down to study it is normally after a day of classes with about 4 or more people sitting in my living room with me. We all try to get our homework done but soon after starting one or two want to stop and just talk. If I’m not studying in my dining room I sometimes try to hide out in my room to get quiet and focus on typing any papersShow MoreRelated My Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Essay792 Words   |  4 Pageslearning experience and being able to recognize our own strengths and weaknesses can help us become better individuals in anything we choose to do, whether it is positive abilities and skills that can help achieve our goals or negative personal areas that need improvement. Knowing yourself and what you can do, can help you recognize and overcome your weaknesses.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  One of my greatest strengths at work that I have recognized would have to be my ability to be a well-organized individual. I tend toRead MorePersonal Statement : My Strengths And Weaknesses863 Words   |  4 Pagesevaluate my listening skills, assess my strengths and weaknesses, and describe how I can improve my skills. My listening self-assessment score of 36 indicates that, although my skill level is decent, I have room to improve significantly. I regularly attend professional meetings where either informational listening or critical listening is required. Despite this, I consider my listening skills subpar and am aware of my need for improvement. In understanding how I can improve, I must first assess my strengthsRead MorePersonal Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Working Style1450 Words   |  6 PagesDiscuss your working style, including two personal strengths and two personal weaknesses that relate to your working style. My working style very from job too job but I think and and can be summed up by saying that I am extremely dependable and flexible. I rarely miss a day of work; in the last three years I have missed one day of work and that was related a serious family matter. Also I am on time regardless of the event. Being punctuate is appreciated by most but if you are attendingRead MoreMy Personal Strengths and Weaknesses in Netball Essay1696 Words   |  7 PagesI consider are my strengths and weaknesses for Netball and why I think each one is a strength or weakness. Strengths Weaknesses Shooting Shoulder Pass Bounce Pass Chest Pass Pivoting Footwork High-running Pass Reaction Time Agility Speed Strengths: Strength 1: Shooting is one of my strengths as I think I perform it correctly. By correctly I mean having a balanced position (standing with my feet shoulder widthRead MoreEssay about My Personal Strengths and Weaknesses for a Career725 Words   |  3 Pagescannot do will alter what employers and positions there are for you. Throughout my higher education at Full Sail University, I have been able to overcome weaknesses that I have and raised other strengths beyond what I thought I could. Matching what you are good at and not so good at can help shape what your life path will be. Looking deeper into my personal capabilities, I have discovered three strengths and three weaknesses that I have and I’m working on eliminating or improving. If you are not goodRead MorePersonal Strengths and Weaknesses1028 Words   |  5 PagesAn individuals personal strengths and weaknesses are life learning experiences and we all as human beings have different levels strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes a persons strengths and weaknesses may seem very difficult to discuss at times. No one ever wants to admit that they have wea knesses because they are feel ashamed or embarrassed to let others to know that their weaknesses exist. It is best for a person to really know himself or herself in order to accurately evaluate the areas thatRead MorePersonal Strengths and Weaknesses Essay781 Words   |  4 PagesMy Personal Strengths and Weaknesses I believe that life is a learning experience and being able to recognize our own strengths and weaknesses can help us become better individuals in anything we choose to do, whether it is positive abilities and skills that can help achieve our goals or negative personal areas that need improvement. Knowing yourself and what you can do, can help you recognize and overcome your weaknesses. One of my greatest strengths at work that I have recognized would haveRead MoreStrengths and Weaknesses898 Words   |  4 Pagesthis paper is to show you the personal strengths and weakness that I identified by asking friends and family their opinion on the topic regarding yours truly, and by examining myself for areas that I am really good at (also known as strengths) and areas I need to improve (otherwise known as weaknesses). After I have identified them, I will tell you how recognizing my strengths and weakness can help me to improve myself to achieve a more peaceful and satisfying personal life. I will start withRead MoreStrengths and Weaknesses Essay844 Words   |  4 PagesStrengths and Weaknesses Throughout the Mid-SEE I have written reflections on my writing and participated in group activities. I have received comments back from my peers and suggestions to help with revising my paper. With the help of my professor, Professor Church and my classmates, I was able to comprehend their suggestions to me to make my essay better and by revising my classmate’s essays, I was able to point out mistakes that I might have made in my essay, which made myself go back to myRead More Strengths and Weaknesses Essay900 Words   |  4 Pagesthis paper is to show you the personal strengths and weakness that I identified by asking friends and family their opinion on the topic regarding yours truly, and by examining myself for areas that I am really good at (also known as strengths) and areas I need to improve (otherwise known as weaknesses). After I have identified them, I will tell you how recognizing my strengths and weakness can help me to improve myself to achieve a more peaceful and satisfying personal life. I will start with the

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Neoliberalism The American Welfare State †Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Neoliberalism The American Welfare State? Answer: Introducation The government for drug testing chooses the Canterbury-Banks town of Sydney to benefit the welfare recipients. This area is chosen as it is highly affected by drug problem, which is evident from the data that shows an increased amount of hospital admission due to the methamphetamine usage (Drugabuse.gov, 2017). Australias Prime Minister, has stated that it will bring in cashless welfare cards. The reason behind this drug testing organization is to spread love and compassion. The vision behind this regime is to create a welfare atmosphere and to restrict people from getting addicted to drugs. It is done with an intention to help people suffering in this situation (Abc.net.au, 2017). According to academician Lawrence M.Mead, a paternalistic welfare reform aims in creating a welfare state. It focuses on making people more disciplined to live a health life. The aim is to create a proper way of lifestyle for recipients by making them eligible to earn their living (Mead, 2012). The drug test policy as advocated by the government will curb welfare recipients from drug intake. A drug test policy will promote a paternalistic welfare reform in the society by encouraging people to live a healthy, meaningful life and in being responsible citizen. The two advantages of benefit payment to drug testing are firstly, the employees will be provided with a basic card on passing a test positively. This will limit their cash withdrawal to check their drug dosage. Secondly, this will give a support to the jobseekers looking for employment. The companies in which, drug testing is mandatory the employee needs to pass through the test. The company shall bear this cost provided the employee passes the test (Communitylaw.org.nz, 2017). The two potential costs are firstly, it is costly for the companies to conduct drug test of their employees because if the jobseekers has to go for the test even before they learn to check it. It is important to provide them first with the requisite help in order to allow them to get a control over themselves. Secondly, if the employees past the drug test positively then the company pays the cost. This makes it clear that despite the cost, it is important to take measures in order to keep a control over the drug usage. The governments approach to this drug addiction and policy is mandatory. This policy and action is not evidence based yet its impact and significance cannot be neglected. There is no such scientific research that has been conducted for implementing such a policy but it is definitely based on data collected from the hospital admission due to over usage of drugs. The policy is implemented due to its detrimental effect on society based on social need, experience and demand from public. Hence, even if it is felt that the evidence in favor of such a reform is poor still this is essential for the betterment of society and individuals affected by this. References Abc.net.au. (2017). Retrieved 16 September 2017, from Sydney welfare recipients could face random drug tests as early as January. (2017). ABC News. Retrieved 16 September 2017, from https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-22/welfare-recipients-could-face-drug-tests-as-early-as-january/8827288 Communitylaw.org.nz. (2017).Types of benefits - Community Law.Community Law. Retrieved 16 September 2017, from https://communitylaw.org.nz/community-law-manual/chapter-6-dealing-with-work-and-income/types-of-benefits-chapter-6/ Drugabuse.gov. (2017). Retrieved 16 September 2017, from Methamphetamine. (2017). Drugabuse.gov. Retrieved 16 September 2017, from https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/methamphetamine Mead, L. M. (2012). Neoliberalism, Race, and the American Welfare State.Perspectives on Politics,10(4), 982-984.

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Demographic Changes in Organizations

Introduction There are significant â€Å"demographic changes taking place in organizations today and such changes will persist into the future† (Lerman and Schmidt 1). The emerging trends are due to changes in the population growth and globalization. The workforce will continue to change as workers from other parts of the world account for â€Å"a sizable population of the workforce in an organization† (Lerman and Schmidt 1).Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Demographic Changes in Organizations specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Recent changes in the labor market have also affected the workplace environment. Employers recruit a diverse workforce in terms of ethnicity or race, gender, skills, age and other emerging members of the society, such as gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) groups (IBM 2010). Such diversities require broad assessments in terms of their effects on organizations. Most employers strive to implement policies that can assist in sustaining such diversities among workers. At the same time, organizations also strive to create understanding among employees with regard to such changes in demographic trends. This essays looks at effects of demographic changes in organizations and how organizations can cope with such trends. Thus, we look at age, gender, ethnicity, and GBLT with specific cases from some organizations. Current studies According to Lerman and Schmidt, notable demographic changes shall occur in the labor market over the next 10 to 15 years (Lerman and Schmidt 3). These scholars note that such changes occur due to growth in populations and immigration people from other countries. In her study, Helene David identified four main demographic trends in the workforce. These included the educated young workforce, the aging workforce, changing roles of female and narrowing age gap among employees. She concluded that these were changes affecting all organizations across the globe (David 22). The emergence of the ageing workforce now affects both developed and developing countries. The number of older workforce is growing steadily. Changes in the population growth affect this trend. The post-war baby boomers of 1960s have aged. The new generation Y has emerged to take their places.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Thus, such changes have impacted the labor market and organizations have turned to young employees to replace baby boomers. David notes that the ageing workforce has also affected social issues in organizations through rising costs of welfare programs. Though some these employees have retired, a substantial number continues to work with young employees. This has created a generational mix in organizations. The generational mix between the aged and young employees occurs due to participation of different age gro ups in organizations. Policies and some government directives influence organizational decisions on hiring. As a result, most organizations have both generations as workforce. The retirement age differs across countries. This affects the proportion of the older generation in organizations. On the other hand, organizations also have low rates of hiring young workers. Consequently, the generational mix persists in organizations. As a result, most organizations have both generations as workforce. The introduction of retirement age differs across countries. This affects the proportion of the older generation in organizations. On the other hand, organizations also have low rates of hiring young workers. Consequently, the generational mix persists in organizations. Young employees have higher levels of education than their older counterparts. The younger workforce takes time pursuing education in specialized areas. This tendency has created the idea of knowledge workers that organizations strive to keep and maintain. The trend has become significant in the new information economy due to rapid technological developments. Helene argues that education, training, and knowledge levels of workers influence characteristic of today’s workforce, particularly the younger generation (David 24). Organizations have turned for flexibility and qualification when recruiting workers. At the same time, they also need higher levels of experience among aged employees. This condition has created conflict, inter-generation tension, and exclusion in organizations. Activity rates of female workers in organizations have changed significantly. Sexual division that characterized the past workforce in organizations is on the decline as women continue to play key management roles that require high standards of competence. Organizations such as IBM, HP, Kraft Foods, and Xerox among others have women as senior executives.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Demographic Changes in Organizations specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This shows how such organizations value diversity in the workforce and changing roles of women in the knowledge economy. Organizations also try to accommodate diverse needs of women through balancing work and family life. As a result, some women have flexible work schedules than their male counterparts. Globalization has also created movements among people. Therefore, workforce no longer consists of a single race, but rather a mixture of races. This has led to cases of racial tensions. On the same note, there are also cases of GLBT among employees. This is an emerging trend across the globe and organizations must find ways of handling such diversities. Effects of Demographic changes in organizations (IBM and Google) Race and Ethnicity Organizational management policies must account for diverse ethnic and racial differences that dominate today’s workforce. This is necessa ry for long-term benefits and exploitation of human resources. For instance, IBM and Google have to handle cases of racial tensions that exist among employees from diverse ethnic backgrounds. These are also companies with globe presence. Consequently, these organizations can post some of their employees to their subsidiaries across the globe. These organizations have enacted policies that promote equal opportunities and fair participation for all their employees. Google and IBM have business activities that enhance multiracial interaction. These organizations have included training as the key to successful management of racial tensions among their employees (Google 2012; IBM 2010). Training programs have been effective in promoting interaction among workers from different ethnic backgrounds. This approach reduces tension, promotes cultural exchanges, and frequent interactions among employees for benefits of their organizations. As a result, we can notice benefits of a diverse workfo rce in Google and IBM. These organizations view changing trends in demographic compositions of their workforce as opportunities that can propel their globe strategies. This explains why IBM and Google strive for inclusion policies and equal opportunities for all. Inclusion of demographic differences aid organizations in conflict resolution. This is how IBM and Google manage their employees that consist of different races from all over the world.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Generational Differences This is a major source of conflicts among employees in every organization. For instance, in Google and IBM, most of their old workers grew in these companies and accumulated vast experience. However, this category of workforce worries about job security and replacement by young and dynamic workforce. Conversely, young workers main concerns are vast and range from hefty rewards, changes of status quo to the desire to rise to executive levels. The problem also arises from executing orders from their superiors. This workforce also has vast knowledge in technology. The knowledge gap, age gap, and differences in experience may result into tension among these categories of workers. Organizational policies should harmonize such diversity for strategic benefits of employees and organizations. Google and IBM have been able to exploit both experience of old workers and technology knowledge of young workers. IBM and Google encourage their management teams to identify p otential opportunities and challenges that may result from differences in age among their employees. IBM and Google have established policies that promote effectiveness management across departments so that all employees actively contribute for success. These companies create teamwork and encourage multigenerational employees to work together for knowledge exchange and experience gains. Therefore, teamwork and involvement are better approaches that can reduce multigenerational differences in an organization. Gender differences Most organizations experience gender-related issues across the globe, such as pay, working hours, family issues and roles among others. However, IBM and Google have created opportunities for women employees to pursue their careers through leadership programs. In addition, these companies also encourage women to apply for available job openings. The past trends whereby roles of women, pay, and career growths were narrow have changed as organizations become flex ible. Consequently, the number of female workers has increased alongside their pay and activities. Despite such developments in working environments, women still face challenges related to their family responsibilities. In fact, there are cases where women have agreed to pay cuts so as to spend much time with their families. The old workforce also faces challenges of health, disabilities and other conditions. These conditions affect their outputs. Organizational strategies of managing demographic changes and their effects These strategies involve effective approaches that aim at building and maintaining diverse, productive, and high quality employees that deliver organizational objectives. Such strategies aim at attracting, recruiting, hiring, developing, managing, rewarding, and retaining diverse and a high quality workforce (IBM 1). IBM and Google have global diversity strategies that manage their diverse workforce and encourage inclusions. As such, they focus on cultural differen ces and formulation of inclusion programs that can attract, recruit, and retain skillful employees. Google and IBM rely on diversity as a means of promoting cultures of creativity and innovation in organizations. These organizations believe that diversity programs should not only account for the normal spheres of sexual, gender, race, age, and religion, but also include differences across the globe. These organizations look at diversity in terms of global strategies that can promote business growth. Consequently, these companies can appeal to their diverse workforce and markets they serve. IBM and Google have also enacted an approach of Equal Opportunity Policy. This policy promotes equal opportunities among all employees. IBM and Google do not hire workers based on their color, race or creed. This enhances reputations of these organizations across the globe. Both companies have realized the value of equal opportunities for all and its effects in terms of building a high quality wor kforce. Equal opportunity policy also ensures that only best candidates get jobs irrespective of their diverse backgrounds or disabilities. IBM and Google also use inclusion programs worldwide in recruiting and hiring employees. These organizations rely on their executives for supporting implementation of workforce diversity in their subsidiaries worldwide. This also applies to employees who receive trainings on the concept of an inclusive working environment in an organization. IBM and Google have recognized demographic changes in the labor market. As a result, these organizations strive to change their human resource policies to reflect such changes in the labor market. IBM and Google have realized the relevance of effective diversity programs in recruiting employees from a diverse and competitive labor market. Google and IBM have used diversity programs as a strategy in the global labor to attract and retain talented employees. As leaders in workforce diversity, Google and IBM ha ve several programs that focus on recognizing demographic changes in the labor market. These companies aim at instilling changes among their employees and markets they serve. IBM and Google have noticed important roles women play in modern organizations. Consequently, these organizations encourage women to take leadership positions. This is a shift from the past where leadership opportunities were mainly available to male workers. These companies have also been hiring female workers in specialized areas of their operation such as IT. Consequently, such approaches have increased populations of female workers in corporate fields. IBM has a program known as Women in Technology specifically for female in IT. This program aims to support the â€Å"growth, achievement, advancement, recognition and promotion women in the organization† (IBM 2010). IBM and Google aims at representing people with disabilities at every department of their operation. These organizations have ongoing comm itments to support employees with disabilities through relying on strategies that ensure inclusion of such workers. These companies also create a friendly environment for workforce with disabilities to ensure that they work in supportive environments. IBM and Google have opportunities that encourage interactions among different age groups in their workforce. Thus, these organizations strive to create flexible and dynamic workplaces that can meet diverse needs of today’s workforce. As a result, employees can work without age-related barriers, tight working hours. In addition, they also a variety of work style options, lifestyle choices, continued learning and job satisfaction, and an ongoing connection to their communities through Meet the Googlers and IBM’s Global Diversity Workforce program among others (Google 2012). Google and IBM also account for their controversial employees that consist of GLBT. At the same time, these companies must also comply with regulations of various countries regarding GLBT. Google and IBM have created working environments where GLBT can experience positive working environments. This creates opportunities where GLBT can make positive contributions in terms of skills, experiences, and outputs for their organizations (Thomas 98). Conclusion As employers of workers with diverse demographic characteristics, Google and IBM have made significant steps for fair treatment and inclusion of all workers. However, these companies still need to enhance their efforts. Google and IBM have best chances of demonstrating their commitment to promote diverse demographic characteristics in organizations and still maintain high quality workforce. These companies demonstrate some of the best strategies which other organizations can apply to manage demographic changes among the workforce. These are innovative strategies that can build and maintain a high quality workforce that is capable of positive results. This is true in cases of IBM and Google business performances. Thus, it is necessary that organizations conduct demographic audit and provide solutions that ensure equal opportunities, participation, and inclusion of all employees for positive results. Therefore, other organizations can learn from Google and IBM, and share their experiences in order to build and maintain a positive working environment amidst changing demographic trends in their workforce. In fact, IBM and Google programs on minorities and GLBT are formal mentorship programs that can enhance inclusions across the globe. These companies have also noticed that their competitive strategies depend on their diversity agendas in approaching new markets and making substantial business returns. Works Cited David, Helene. Recent Changes in the World of Work. Quebec: University of Montreal, 2001. Print. Google. Diversity in our workforce. 2012. Web. https://diversity.google/. IBM. â€Å"Global Workforce Diversity.† Executive Corner 3 (2010): 1-7. Prin t. Lerman, Robert and Stefanie Schmidt. Trends and Challenges for Work in the 21st Century: An overview of economic, social, and demographic trends affecting the US labor market. Washington, D.C.: The Urban Institute, 1999. Print. Thomas, David. â€Å"Diversity as strategy.† Harvard Business Review 82.9 (2004): 98–108. Print. This report on Demographic Changes in Organizations was written and submitted by user Remy Everett to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Ethics in Journalism Essay Sample

Ethics in Journalism Essay Sample Ethics in Journalism Essay Journalism is one of the most important fields of practice that every person should have to consider with their practice and activities. This is the application of news reporting made by journalists to a certain scenario or circumstance that is relevant to the community. The goal of journalism is to provide awareness to the public regarding the trending news and latest updates our society’s activities. In this case, valuing the significance of news reporting correspond to ethical applications for every journalist and news networks for displaying and reporting relevant information to the public. The main purpose is to inform the public regarding a scenario that might cause a risk to the involved community. The reason behind is to prevent any risks or hazards that are causing a stress to the society. Ethics in journalism comes with a responsible way of relaying information to the public. One of the main reasons is to prevent conflicting interests with the public as well as with the local government units. Every detailed news report comes with the principle of veracity because the public needs to know the realness of the information being published online. Responsible publication of articles and news reporting comes with a professional responsibility by the journalists. The reason behind is to ensure that the productivity of the news becomes reliable to the public. Relating information according to their interest provides a reason for the society to render their trust with the journalist who is responsible for reporting certain news. If the journalist continues to provide a professional way of publishing relevant news, they start to gain respect from their fellow colleague as well as by the public. We usually observe that numerous fake news reports are now proliferating over the internet. Examples are news about a celebrity or a political icon that passed away recently. However, the authenticity of the article published online fails to verify it because the person who published the article is not an official journalist. Journalists sometimes are at risk for committing plagiarized news reporting due to the fact that information that has been reported has similar content with the reporter’s news report. This is the reason why news networks established a syndicated reporting to ensure that copyright infringements will not affect major news networks responsible for promoting news and latest updates. Ethics in journalism applies with the respect of privacy for individuals or respondents who do not want to have their names or face displayed by the camera and the computer graphics expert of the news network. One of the most important ethical applications of journalism is to report a certain scenario that does not violate the rights of other individuals. The reason behind is to prevent any corruption of viewer’s minds as they are keen on listening or watching the news to become aware of any relevant information that affects their personal issues. Examples are racism, pornography, profanity, graphic image or videos, discrimination, hate speech, verbal arguments, or intentional segregation. News reporters proofread their articles or news before publishing it on the public space to prevent any risk of getting involved in lawsuits. Some journalists are usually summoned by courts for getting involved in libel or slander lawsuits filed by the complainant who was offended by the article or the news recently reported to the public (Ames, 2011). Reference Ames, Roger T. (2011).  Confucian Role Ethics: A Vocabulary. University of HawaiÊ »i Press.  ISBN  978-0-8248-3576-7.

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Critically discuss and analyse motivation in the workplace- highlight Essay

Critically discuss and analyse motivation in the workplace- highlight the imp - Essay Example Many of us wait for weekends and holidays to enjoy. The typical work environment has become one in which many of us feel that no one appears to really care, and no acknowledgement takes place. Errors and mistakes provoke attack, derision and reprimand, while correct and even excellent performance goes seemingly unnoticed and unappreciated. Risk taking and creativity are inhibited, distrust increases, communication is suppressed, attorneys complain that staff members arent motivated, and we express our natural enthusiasm on the weekend in recreational activities, in tennis or in community service. Let us now take an example the football world series. The winning teams eluded an air of celebration and unstoppability. The players pull together despite their individual positions on the field. They seem to genuinely care about one another, and they seem able to include and resolve their personal differences. Is it possible to bring in such kind of motivation in the workplace? It is essential to create such an environment in the work place because in most of the organizations it is the team work and their performance that matters more than individual performances. Good communication is the key to success and is a motivation of team members. This means that if you are leading a large organization you must check that the processes for managing, communicating and developing people are in place and working properly (Chapman, 1995). Probably no other skill is as vital as communication skills in the world of the supervisor or manager. Effective communication is the most critical element of successful supervision and leadership.   Building relationships with the team members at all levels of the organization is the key to a supervisor or manager’s success and to both personal productivity and organizational effectiveness. When communications are good, information flows smoothly, delivering clear messages that people can easily understand and act on. When